About Dale Peterson

When you begin researching playground safety and planning your new playground installation or existing playground renovation project it can be overwhelming. There are a great variety of aspects to consider as you plan the project.

You will probably have many questions and will want to check out a number of sources of information.

It is nice to know that when you call Ever-Green to discuss your upcoming playground project you will always be speaking with the founder, president and owner of the company. Any questions that you have regarding Ever-Green's Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips® will be answered directly by Dale, the person in charge at Ever-Green.

We thought it would be nice for you to be able to put a face with the name at the other end of the line, and for those who are interested here's a little more information on Dale and Ever-Green.

Dale worked throughout his high school and college days in the garden center and landscaping field.

Dale learned through "hands on" experience from the ground up, so to speak. First the basics and then in a more detailed fashion the "ins and outs" of construction site issues, terrain and drainage issues, landscape design and installation as well as issues relating to the equipment necessary to get work done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

By 1979 Dale had formed his own company which has now evolved to become a locally well known design and plant company. Ever-Green is also regionally known as one of the largest processors and distributors of horticultural bulk mulch products and the ONLY processor and distributor of our Playmate® Play Area Wood Chip® product.

Ever-Green has been in operation since 1979 building a solid reputation for integrity in business as well as for providing top quality materials and workmanship to customers large and small.

Whether your questions are about the extreme importance of product purity, receiving a quote that's guaranteed all season, or processing and delivery of a specific amount of Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips® to your playground job site, Dale will be ready and able to help you.

Customers often find that they save money and time on their playground project from a short discussion with Dale due to his lengthy experience in the landscape business.