Certified Playground Mulch

What is "Certified Playground Mulch"?

Regarding Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips®, "certified" refers to the fact that Ever-Green Inc.'s product is regularly tested per ASTM guidelines for impact attenuation and wheel Chair accessibility. .

The "certified" test results from an independent testing lab give you, the customer, the information you need to make a wise choice in selecting your certified playground mulch product, also referred to as engineered wood fiber or loose fill safety surfacing.

Additionally, you have Ever-Green Inc.'s guarantee that our Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips® are ALWAYS processed ONLY from 100 percent virgin, debarked, clean hardwood from Midwestern sawmill sources.

Buyer beware! there is a lot of junk in the safety surface market place. If you are not careful, you could easily be sold a "certified" product that was made from junk materials such as tree trimming waste or recycled wood pallets.

Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips® Product Test Results: