Why Choose Our Product?

Why Specify Our Product in Your Next Playground Project RFP?

That's a good question. Why should you specify Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips® on your next playground project?

Simply put... Because there is a whole lot of junk out there in the playground safety surface marketplace.

Allow a product, to be used on your playground, made from suspect materials such as; tree trimmings, whole log chips or recycled wood. Even if these low input cost products have been impact attenuation tested. Their purity is suspect due to the very real probability that they are contaminated with nails, screws, plastic, banding and other flat metal, insects and dirt.

You can avoid the disappointments, costs, and extra liability pitfalls of using an inferior, so called, safety surface product. Simply specify in your next playground RFP, request for proposal, the "gold standard" loose fill safety surface product, Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips®. With our freshly processed product, always made from clean, debarked hardwood, on your playground and our latest wheel chair and impact attenuation test results in your file, you should feel some peace of mind knowing that you can prove that you've done what you reasonably can to mitigate the chances of a child getting seriously injured on your playground.

Always install and maintain Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips®, or any other playground safety surface product, per CPSC guidelines and Ever-Green Inc.'s recommended installation and maintenance protocol.