Recommended Installation and Maintenance Protocol

Ever-Green Inc.'s Recommended Installation And Maintenance Protocol For Customers Using Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips® On Their Playgrounds

  1. Necessary Preliminary Work

    First, do your due diligence. Learn what impact attenuation means. Learn what wheelchair accessible means. Learn what engineered wood fiber means. Learn what the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) calls for with regard to playground safety surfacing. Seek information from the National Program For Playground Safety as well.

    Then do a careful review of your specific playground project. What is the highest platform or point of contact on your playground equipment that a child could stand on and fall from? Add four feet to that measurement for the average height of a child. With this figure calculated, you will then be ready to evaluate and compare the various playground safety surface products on the market with regard to impact attenuation. Also at this time, review each product to make sure it meets ADA regulatory requirements for wheelchair accessibility. Each product you review should have up to date test results available for both impact attenuation and wheelchair accessibility.

  2. Recommended Installation Protocol

    If, after careful review, you have made the wise choice to use Ever-Green Inc.'s top quality Playmate Play Area Wood Chip product on your playground, then be sure to install the product per CPSC guidelines in combination with Ever-Green Inc.'s most recent test results which are available here at this website for you to download.

    Pay careful attention to the surrounding grades and resolve any drainage issues as you set up your playground. Excavate and grade as needed to accommodate the amount of product you will be installing. Be certain that the fall zone is large enough that no person could fall from the play equipment and land at the edge of, or outside of, the fall zone.

    Be sure that the finished grade of the safety surface product on the playground, as well as specific access points onto the playground are all set up in such a way as to meet ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility.

    After loose installation of most of the Playmate product, Ever-Green recommends careful grading to a uniform depth followed by mechanical compaction of the product. After vibration and/or compaction, check the depth of the surfacing in many areas. Add additional loose material as needed, followed by compaction and depth checking, until you have achieved the desired uniform compacted depth across the entire playground per CPSC guidelines and EverGreen Inc.'s test results.

  3. Recommended Maintenance Protocol

    Ever-Green Inc. recommends that our Playmate Play Area Wood Chip product be maintained to the same specification that it was originally installed to by the user per CPSC guidelines and Ever-Green Inc.'s test reports. On "high use" playgrounds this is best accomplished by a daily survey of conditions followed by any necessary light raking and compacting on an 'as needed' basis to maintain a uniform grade at proper depth.

    Over time, topdressing of additional material is likely to be needed. The time frame for this is directly related to how much use the playground receives as well as environmental conditions. It is highly likely that a daily survey to spot any areas of the playground needing attention, along with light regular maintenance on an 'as needed1 basis, along with occasional seasonal topdressing, will keep your playground in top condition and regulatory compliance for years to come.