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  1. The ASTM 1292 subcommittee is currently looking into the possibility of lowering the HIC 1000 threshold regarding impact attenuation to HIC 700.
    This is a ballot measure to be voted on. Stay tuned. This could have direct implications for those wanting or needing to keep a playground they are responsible for up to the latest standards.
    As I understand it, this is being looked at as a result of recent research findings concerning both the short term and long term effects of trauma on the human brain. Particularly with regard to children.
    Question - What does this information mean to the consumer?
    It means that in the event that the HIC 1000 threshold is lowered in any appreciable way, many playgrounds using shredded rubber or "poured in place" surfacing or rubber tiles will be difficult and expensive to update.
    Those consumers who have chosen to use a top quality, loose fill safety surface product made from clean, natural wood such as Ever-Green Inc's Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips® product will have no trouble updating to any new proposed standard that may come along simply by topdressing a little more of our economical product (if necessary) per our latest impact attenuation test results dated December 2015.
  2. On multiple occasions over the last year the issue of playground safety has made national news.
    The specific issue in the news concerns danger surrounding the use of shredded rubber as a safety surface material on children's playgrounds.
    The concern is that the known cancer causing chemicals found in shredded rubber from tires can oxidize in the sunlight and be transferred on to children's skin and clothing during play.
    Question - what does this information mean to the consumer?
    It means that there is a growing concern over children being exposed to cancer causing chemicals on playgrounds covered in shredded rubber that can be completely avoided simply by choosing to use a clean, natural, quality, loose fill safety surface product on your playground such as Ever-Green Inc's Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips®.
    When we say economical we MEAN economical! Our product is often multiple times less expensive than any form of rubber or "poured in place" surface.

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